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there’s a lot of good stuff that we don’t have time to touch on, but has influenced this course in some way and, given infinite time, would feel like an exciting inclusion in the reading list. None of these are compulsory, though reading them will definitely make you think in new and interesting ways about the web.


Critical Interface Toolbox

net art

the internet
Benjamin Bratton, The Black Stack

writing code
Marvin Minsky, Why programming is a good medium for expressing poorly understood and sloppily-formulated ideas

  shannon mattern’s articles for places journal
  Shannon Mattern Mapping’s Intelligent Agents

the decentralised web
  decentralise what?
  off the network

scraping and investigative journalism
  bellingcat online investigation toolkit
  list of people search and data broker websites

great libraries online
  bret victor’s library
  laurel schwulst’s teaching library
  monoskop aaaaarg
  cybernetics digital library

great libraries offline
  cybernetics library IRL

cool tech journalism/essays
  logic mag
  real life
  the new inquiry