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cybernetics and design

we will discuss cybernetics as a key history of modern human-computer interaction and network culture, and examine systems-thinking strategies in design.

discussion: feedback loops and cybernetics

cybernetics of conversation
cybernetics of design
cybernetics of cells
cybernetics of warfare

functions and black boxes

spatial memory
  memex   memory palace

  turtles online

embodiment   augmenting human intellect

physical computing
  painted earth
  berlin key (via dan taeyoung)

collective intelligence
  conditional design workbook
  /r/place twitch plays pokémon
  Bellingcat Europol stop child abuse images

second-order cybernetics   thermostats

  social resource project for tennis clubs   conversation is a cybernetic technology tools of collective intelligence

pattern languages

‘smart’ cities
  the architecture machine group soft architecture machines SEEK
  the fun palace
  sidewalk labs   local codes interfacing urban intelligence
  smart enough?

  seeing spaces

workshop: conditional design