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introduce final assignment

Object Collection


Your final assignment for Core Interaction Studio is called Object Collection.

Research Exercise in Class

In pairs, analyse a particular archive and report back to the class. This is a fast research task. Use to throw together references and notes, especially if information about your collection is dispersed:

Homework Assignment

For Thursday:

On Thursday we’re going to talk about different interfaces that you could build or take inspiration from. These can be digital or otherwise, but we will be looking at the logic of the interface and prototyping versions of them in class.

This should be an interface you feel familiar with enough to explore how it works and how it feels to use it.

For example, this could be a dashboard interface like DOTA, League of Legends, or a car. To take another example from someone in class, it could be a filing cabinet.

Bring an interface and be ready to describe it in these ways:

For next Tuesday: