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user ⇆ environment

Where is the user and what can you do with one? This week we will explore the concept of communication, the relationship between the user and the environment, platform or website, and what it means for designers.


what’s new?

discuss reading responses to Kalli Retzepi and Hito Steyerl text

discussion: users and platforms

Jakob’s Law of UX, do you agree?

‘I have been in this business for half a century. And the topic of usability is honestly done for me. […] I ask: is it fun to use something? Can I build a positive emotional bond?’ Don Norman (2013)

Superstudio - Supersurface: An Alternative Model for Life on Earth

Evolution of the Scrollbar


Tracy Ma’s NYTimes Interactive: The Office

Maximilian Klieper, Prevent Default - Another View of Designing Websites

Andy Pressman - What do we lose when it’s easy to use?

Bonus Jakob Nielsen

Internet Users Plagued by “Banner Blindness”