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interaction ⇆ feedback

We explore different forms of interaction, workshop your metaphor ideas, and prep you for your first studio assignment.

discuss reading responses to Lakoff and Johnson.

lecture: the meaning of interaction

Transubstantiation Superstudio - Supersurface: An Alternative Model for Life on Earth
Charles and Ray Eames, Powers of Ten
The Heider Simmel Illusion
Evolution of the Scrollbar
Put That There
Bruce Nauman’s Live Taped Video Corridor
O-R-G, Laurel Schwulst and Soft: Flight Simulator
Bret Victor, Dynamicland
Neal Agarwal, Deep Sea

feedback and how we want to conduct it

drawing prompt

A website a room.
A website is a building.
A website is a landscape.
A website is a solar system.

assignment prompt

It’s as if you were…